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why us?

If you're a trainer you need to have your classes on policetraining.net. Every training officer I know utilizes this calendar when looking for classes for their officers.
Ed Nowicki
International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA)
John Reid and Associates has significantly benefited from our association with policetraining.net. We have had hundreds of police officers attend our training seminars from our listings with policetraining.net - every law enforcement training provider should be a part of this most valuable resource.
Joseph Buckley
John E. Reid and Associates
Policetraining.net provides more students to our classes than any other form of advertising. As soon as we schedule a class we immediately post it on policetraining.net. The results have been great.
Pat McCarthy
Street Crime Seminars

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Policetraining.net can put students in your training classes:

  • List your classes on a calendar utilized by over 100 of the top law enforcement websites. (see-below)
  • Over 90,000 officers a month come to Policetraining.net looking only for training and education.
  • Over 700 trainers and advertisers have used policetraining.net with positive results.
  • Your classes go "viral" utilizing our extensive social media network.
  • Policetraining.net is user friendly, so your potential students can easily find your classes.
  • Owned and operated by retired and active officers who understand the training process.

Some of the law enforcement websites that carry Policetraining.net: