I started using Policetraining.net when I started my training seminar business 10 years ago. I can directly relate much of my growth to advertising with them. I have been told many times by training coordinators from around the country that found my classes on this site.
John L. Grimes President
JLG Training Associates Inc.
Your site is the main driver of students who register for our classes. Policetraining.net is an invaluable tool at a reasonable price. Keep up the good Work.
Kate O'Donnell
Public Grants & Training Initiatives
We just finished two classes last week. One was in NJ, with 22 students and one in MD, with 12. Of the 34 that came to both, 40% reported of hearing of us on policetraining.net. The others were told of/sent by their supervisors, Google searches, Mailer or other.
Jeff Tuer
Law Enforcement Training Consultants
Just a short note to say that of the several online content publishers and portals that we use for all degree programs, PoliceTraining.net is - far and away - the most attentive, responsive and proactive in customer relations and in providing added value to our advertising investment. It is a pleasure to work with a dedicated and client-centered publisher that is aligned with our needs and objectives. This is rarely the case, especially in the online education marketplace.
By all means, feel free to cite my testament with future advertisers, because my comments are sincere and genuine.
Lee Swindall
Corporate Marketing Manager
Policetraining.net has been instrumental in making our classes successful. There is no better place to advertise law enforcement classes.
Sol Bradman
Security Solutions International
Policetraining.net has consistently put students in our classes. We have realized a considerable return on a small advertising investment.
Tom Manson
Owner, Police Technical