Policetraining.net is dedicated to providing the most complete listing of law enforcement classes and seminars available. We provide timely and accurate information about police seminars, conferences, continuing education and training events. We utilize the power of the Internet to reach a large audience of law enforcement professionals seeking training.

How it all got started

The idea of bringing trainers and students together on the Internet was conceived by Clayton Searle, a retired Los Angeles Police Detective. Searle initially provided training to police officers by founding the International Narcotics Interdiction Association (INIA). He found that advertising in national police publications and mailing flyers was expensive, time consuming and had a poor response. Adding last minute classes or finding students to fill spots in seminars proved almost impossible. In short, there was no "one" place where law enforcement officers could find classes being offered nationwide. Policetraining.net is the solution to that problem.

Why list your training classes here?

We have the most highly trafficked police training site on the Internet.

We provide our training calendar to the top law enforcement Web sites:

Why use the Internet?

  • Allows agencies, associations, individuals and training managers the opportunity to list their classes on a single website at an affordable price.
  • Allows last-minute seminars and classes to be added and filled.
  • It provides a one-stop site where law enforcement officers can see the available classes being offered nationwide.
  • Policetraining.net brings together all of the information that law enforcement officers need to find the training they are seeking.

Our goal

The cornerstones of our success are Speed, Accuracy and Content. This is a part of our commitment to being the nation's number one source for police training.